How do I ride the barge?

If you’ve never been on a car barge before don’t worry, it is a simple process. We’ve provided an article in our blog explaining how it works: 6 Steps to get you riding the barge like a pro

Is there an additional charge for passengers?

No, the price is per vehicle and there is no charge for additional passengers or cargo contained within the vehicle.

Can my ticket be used on any of the barges?

Your ticket may only be used on the Big Red Barge. Please be sure to let the dock attendant know you have a ticket already and they will direct you. To see our daily trips and times, refer to our Schedule & Routes page.

What if I miss my reservation? Can I still use my ticket?

Yes, if you pre-booked your ticket online and miss your reservation time you may still use your ticket at a later time. Please note that availability is on a first come, first serve basis and you would not receive priority boarding.

You may modify your reservation up until your departure time from the My Account page, so if you are able to modify your existing reservation to your new time it is recommended to do so.

How do I change or cancel my reservation?

You may modify a reservation at anytime by going to your My Account page. Cancellations must be done at least 2 days prior to departure time.

If you do not already have an account created, you must create an account using the same email address that you used to book your reservation. The system will send you an email confirmation link to complete your registration.

Once logged in, you should see a list of all current and previous bookings. To modify a booking, click on the Booking Code of the item you wish to modify, and then “Edit this booking” on the top right of the invoice.

If your reservation is within the cancellation window, a link to cancel your reservation will be displayed under the Booking Status on the main booking screen. Please note service fees are non-refundable.

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