Why You Should Rent A Car In The U.S. Virgin Islands

driving in the USVIs


If you’re planning a trip to the U.S. Virgin Islands, you’re in for a treat because the USVIs have some of the most pristine beaches and breath-taking panoramas in all of the Caribbean islands. The volcanic islands surrounded by crystal clear waters are loaded with fun things to do and explore beyond just its magnificent beaches.

Whether you like the surf and sand or you prefer to explore the historical sites and hiking trails around the islands, you’ll have a much easier time enjoying all the islands have to offer with your own car. Ask anyone who lives here or has visited the island and they will tell you the same thing: “get a car!”

Here’s why renting a car to explore the islands is the no-brainer:

Walking usually isn’t an option

I don’t know about you, but I enjoy exploring on foot and taking a stroll at my own pace more than anything. Unfortunately, on the USVIs, most of the things you will want to see and explore beyond the town are not accessible on foot. The best beaches are often in the U.S.V.I national park and walking is not an option. Because these are volcanic islands, they are surprisingly hilly. Even a walk that seems like a short distance could turn into an unintended hike that leaves you sweaty and out-of-breath. Unless you plan on never leaving your hotel, you will need to go places by car.

Taxis Are A Hassle (and expensive!)

Thank goodness for all the taxis and drivers on these islands that provide service when you’re in a pinch or you drank one too many “painkillers” (the islands’ local cocktail). But the truth is that relying on taxis to get to around the islands can be an enormous pain in the you-know-what.

Often times when you need a taxi, you’re facing stiff competition from everyone else that wants to leave the beach or go out to dinner at the same time. Don’t be surprised if you end up waiting 45 minutes to an hour if you call a taxi. Sometimes there simply aren’t enough cabs to go around. But perhaps the bigger problem with depending on taxis to bring you around is that the cost will add up FAST! Unless you want to limit the places you go on the island (which would be a shame while on your vacation), the price of taxis to get around will cost you a small fortune.


Your Own Wheels Gives You Freedom, Flexibility And FUN!

There is an overlooked benefit to renting a car which most people don’t realize even if they choose to rent one. Waiting for a taxi or a shuttle bus can take the wind out of your sails when you’re itching to get out of your hotel room and explore. The flexibility and freedom you get with a car can’t be overstated.

But there’s another hidden benefit to getting a car: it’s FUN! There’s something special about winding around these island roads, listening to your own music, and watching the island gently reveal its most majestic seascapes as you reach a summit or bend around a dramatic turn. The views on these islands are absolutely breathtaking and some of our most memorable moments were from spontaneously pulling the car to the side of the road to take photos or videos with the family.

So the choice is yours whether you want to rent a car while visiting the USVIs, but you know where we stand on the question. Either way, you’re going to have an unforgettable experience on these islands. If you do choose to rent a car, don’t forget the best way to shuttle from island to island is on the Big Red Barge. Please check our schedule for the ferry to St John and pre-book your ticket online!

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