Top 5 Things To Do In St John


You can’t go wrong spending a day (or a week) in St. John as this laid-back little brother to St. Thomas has a magic to it that you’ll feel the moment you get off the ferry. If you have never been to St John before, we picked out some of our favorite things to do and see while on the island.

Cruz Bay (Town)

Cruz Bay is the travel hub for St John and it’s where you will arrive on the St John ferry. Cruz Bay is the quintessential island town and it’s known as “Love City” by the locals. The town is loaded with shops that you can explore throughout the day that are all within walking distance. Exploring Cruz Bay and soaking in the island culture is as simple as it gets but one of the best ways to relax in St John. There are plenty of restaurants in Cruz Bay and after grabbing a meal, you can explore any of the unique local bars the town has to offer. Everything in Cruz Bay is within walking distance but if you plan to leave the town, you will need a rental car or taxi.

Trunk Bay (Beach)

Trunk Bay is part of the Virgin Islands National Park and it is consistently voted as one of the top beaches in the world. You’d be hard-pressed to find a more beautiful beach in all of the Caribbean. The soft white sand combined with the majestic crystal clear water is straight out of a postcard. You can enjoy the view from a beach chair (available for rent) or explore Trunk Bay underwater with your snorkel and fins. Our tip: Catch the car ferry to St John early (unless you’re already staying on the island) because the best spots on the beach are often taken by the early-birds.

Reef Bay Trail (Hike)

Also located in Virgin Islands National Park, Reef Bay Trail offers some of the best views on the island and is the perfect option for those that prefer to stay on their feet rather than lounge in a beach chair. This hike can be quite challenging depending on your age and ability, but its views and tranquility are well worth the effort. The hike can sometimes include a picturesque island waterfall depending on recent rainfall and you will also see petroglyphs (rock carvings) which is an important reminder of the island’s past. Our tip: bring plenty of water because it can get very hot depending on the time of year.

Cinnamon Bay (Beach)

Some will say that Cinnamon Bay is even more beautiful than Trunk Bay but you can visit both and decide for yourself. They are both stunning but Cinnamon Bay is actually twice as long and less crowded than Trunk Bay. Cinnamon Cay is only 100 meters from the beach that gives swimmers and snorkelers a landmark to explore. The amenities are slowly coming back to Cinnamon Bay after the hurricane so our advice is to bring what you need for a day at the beach (water, chair, etc.).

Ram Head Trail (Hike)

Located on the opposite side of the island from Cruz Bay, Rams Head Trail (and Rams Head Point) is arguably the best place on the island to see the sunset. The peak is about 1 mile from where you will park your car so and the hike can easily be done in half a day with plenty of time to take photos and stop for water whenever you want to rest or soak in the views. As always, make sure you bring lots of water especially if it’s a hot day!


What did we miss?  Do you have any other great day activities that you think are worthy of the top 5 list?  Send us a note or comment and let us know!

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