Can I take My Rental Car To St John?


No trip to the U.S. Virgin Islands is complete without at least a short visit to St. John. If you have never been to St. John before, it’s like the less flashy, more rustic cousin of St. Thomas. It’s why many visitors prefer St. John and why many permanent residents of the Virgin Islands prefer to live on St. John.

There are plenty of things to do and see on the island (stay tuned for our post on the top things to do in St. John), but a question we often get about our ferry from St Thomas to St John is whether car rental companies allow you to take take your rental to St John.

The short answer to this question is that it depends on the car rental company. We have heard conflicting messages about whether or not they allow it so the best thing to do is confirm with the rental company at the time of the reservation.

When you arrive, ask them to point out in the paperwork where it outlines that you are allowed to take your car to St. John.

One rental company that we know does allow you to take your car to St. John is Budget. Budget contacted us to let us know that their customers are allowed to go to St. John and encouraged anyone who wants to explore St John by car should rent from Budget.


Click Here to visit Budget Rent-A-Car’s website.
*The Big Red Barge Co is not affiliated with Budget Rent-A-Car.


Can I rent A Car In St. John Instead?

If you are planning to stay in St. John on your trip to the U.S. Virgin Islands, it is an option to rent a car on St John instead of near the airport in St. Thomas.

However, if you decide to rent your car in St. John, make sure you check with your rental company that you are allowed to take your car to St. Thomas.

You may have no reason to visit St Thomas, but there are more shopping and restaurant options in St. Thomas compared to St. John. We have heard some St. John car rental agencies don’t allow their vehicles to be taken to St Thomas. So you should confirm with them before you decide to take your car from St. John to St. Thomas via the Big Red Barge.


Do I need a 4-wheel drive vehicle for St. John?

While driving an SUV is preferred, it’s not necessary in St. John. It’s true that it’s a little more rustic in St. John and there might be the odd chance that you would be better off with an SUV with more clearance, but it’s not required in our opinion.

It may be more fun to drive around in a SUV but it’s likely more expensive than the standard car options. Sometimes an SUV rental can be twice as much as the basic sedan that you might rent otherwise.

As always, if you chose to bring your car to St. John, check out our schedule for the ferry from St Thomas to St John.

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